Interviews and Popular Press

  • April 2017. Cientistas descobrem nanotecnologia para detecção de viroses alimentares. Beef Point - Magazine from Brazil (link) (PDF)
  • April 2017. Dairy disease-detecting portable device could be a game changer on dairy farms. Farms Magazine (link) (PDF)
  • March 2017. Nanoscience discovery leads to quick virus detection and vaccine. CBC Radio (link) (PDF
  • March 2017. Scientists find nanotechnology for detection of foodborne viruses, Global Meat News (link) (PDF
  • March 2017. Nanoscience discovery may slow spread of disease outbreaks, produce better flu shots. The Record Newspaper (link) (PDF)
  • December 2016. The onion's perceived health benefits. Better Farming Magazine (link) (PDF
  • December 2016. Precision livestock farming - Good things come in small packages. Canadian Poultry Magazine (link) (PDF)
  • November 2016. The Onion: Cancer Fighter and Food Preserver. ProHealth (link) (PDF
  • October 2016. Exploring the onion as cancer fighter. Food in Canada Magazine (link) (PDF
  • October 2016. Onion: a cancer fighter? Exploring the onion an cancer fighter and food preserver. Jamaica Observer (link) (PDF)  
  • July 2016. Handy U of G allergen detector could save lives. Guelph Today Newspaper (link) (PDF)
  • July 2016. Food allergy testing device developed in Guelph could save lives. Waterloo Record Daily Newspaper (link) (PDF)
  • July 2016. Soy research fights food poisoning. Food in Canada Magazine. (link) (PDF)
  • July 2016. University of Guelph researchers create allergen-detecting device. CBC Radio News (link) (PDF)
  • June 2016. New allergen detector from the University of Guelph could help save lives. The Record - Waterloo Newspaper (link) (File
  • June 2016. Worried about peanuts? New tool track allergens. CTV Kitchener News at 6 pm June 23, 2016 (link) (File) (Youtube Link)
  • June 2016. Identifying peanut and other allergens outside the lab. Food Safety Tech Magazine (link) (PDF)
  • June 2016. Rapid detection of food allergens with nanotechnology biosensor. FSR Magazine (link) (PDF)
  • June 2016. Biosensor developed to identify allergens faster. Food Quality News (link)  (PDF)
  • May 2016. Soy isolate fights food poisoning. Today's Farmer (link) (PDF)
  • May 2016. Soy is a promising antimicrobial agent. Manitoba Co-operator (link) (PDF
  • May 2016. Antimicrobial soy proteins may help prevent food-borne illness. Herbazest Magazine (link) (PDF)
  • May 2016. Equipping farmers to test for severe cattle diseases. ASABE Resource Magazine (link) (PDF
  • April 2016. Early detection - New cow side device. Milk Producer Magazine (link) (PDF)
  • January 2016. Mise au point d’un nanobiocapteur. La Terre de Chez Nous - Quebec based Magazine (link) (PDF)
  • December 2015. GryphSens: testing for severe cattle diseases. Modern Agriculture British Columbia's Agriculture Magazine (link) (PDF)
  • November 12, 2015. Dairy device designed for early cattle disease detection. The Western Producer Magazine - Canada. (link) (PDF
  • July 2, 2015. How technology advances can help battle ketosis. Progressive Dairyman - Canada. (link) (PDF
  • July 1, 2015. New 'Synthetic Skin' can reduce use of animals in drug testing. Epoch Times, New York (link) (PDF)
  • June 15, 2015. New Micro Model Helps Assess Drugs: U of G Study Health Canal Medical Research News  (link) (PDF)
  • June 5, 2015. Is a Rapid Detection Tool for Bird Flu on the Horizon? Modern Agriculture British Columbia's Agriculture Magazine (link) (PDF)
  • April 24, 2015. Device uses blood test to confirm bird virus. The Western Producer (link) (PDF)
  • April 23, 2015. Device that could halt bird flu needs funding to hit market faster. The Record Kitchener-Waterloo daily online newspaper (link) (PDF)
  • April 20, 2015. Vogelgrippe schneller erkennen. German Public Radio, Germany (link) (File)
  • April 17, 2015. How technology advances can help battle ketosis. Progressive Dairyman Magazine (link) (PDF)
  • April 13, 2015.UoGuelph's Early Warning Diagnostic Tool for Predicting Avian Flu. CTV News Toronto (link) (File)
  • April 13, 2015. University of GUelph professor creates new way to test for avian flu. CBC News  (link) (File)
  • April 12, 2015. Rapid tool for on-farm detection of avian flu. CTV Kitchener (link) (File)
  • April 2015. Canadian researchers create tool to predict avian flu outbreaks. Science X Network, Infection Control Today, New York News, Eurasia Review, Tasnim News Agency, The Leader news channel (link) (PDF)
  • March 2015. U of G engineers develop new test for common cattle disorder. Ag Annex Magazine (link) (PDF)
  • January 2015. Inside, Outside and the Transition - Visual Challenge 4 - Resource Magazine - An ASABE Publication (PDF) (link)
  • May 2014. Analyzing Quinoa DNA for growing on Canadian Farms. Canadian Chemical News - ACCN (L’Actualité chimique canadienne) Magazine (link) (PDF)
  • February 2014. Quinoa reveals secrets at the genetic level. Biotechnology Focus Magazine (link) (PDF
  • January 2014. Research Studies Using Nanoscale Imaging Tools Will Help Plants And Humans. Guelph Now Website (link) (PDF)
  • December 2013. Study: Slowing Bacteria's 'Happy Dance' Improves Food Safety. Health Canal Magazine (link) (PDF)
  • October 2013. Magnificent Microscopes: Visual Challenge Contest 3 - Resource Magazine - An ASABE Publication (PDF) (link)
  • October 2012. Lab Trio: Today's Research, Tomorrow's Reality. Visual Challenge Contest 2 - Resource Magazine - An ASABE Publication (PDF)
  • March 2012. Bionanotechnology - New Frontiers. ASABE RESOURCE - Engineering and Technology for a Sustainable World *COVER ARTICLE (link) (PDF)
  • October 2011. Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory Detail Research in Science. Science Letter Oct 25, p. 886 ISSN: 1538-9111 (PDF)
  • December 2010. Solutions from the Nano World. Visual Challenge ~ Statements Without Words. Resource Magazine - An ASABE Publication (link) (PDF)
  • November 2010. Nanotechnology Research on Buckwheat May Open Doors. Western Canada Top Crop Manager Magazine. (link)
  • September 2010. Researchers from UofM Broadens Understanding of Biosystems Engineering. Biotech Business Week. (link) (PDF)
  • August 2009. Tiny Leaps for Humankind – Sensing Grain Spoilage By Top Crop Manager Magazine. (PDF)
  • November 2008. Nanotechnology, Can Help Farmers, Too! The Gradzette. University of Manitoba’s Magazine. Volume 25 (1): 21-22p. (PDF)
  • July 2007. Website Interview. Smart Nanosensors Improve Grain Quality Monitoring By EduTransfer Design Associates Inc. & Haywire Creative  (PDF

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