Invited and Plenary Lectures at National and International Meetings

Neethirajan, S. 2012. Enhancing Food Safety Using Microfluidics and Bionanotechnology. Guelph Food Research Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Guelph, May 3.

Neethirajan, S. 2012. Emerging Trends - Nanotechnology for Agriculture and Biosystems. 1st Biotechnology World Congress, Dubai, Feb 14-15.

Neethirajan, S. 2012. Confluence of Biotechnology and Nanotechnology - Applications in Agriculture, Food and Biosystems. Karunya University, India, Feb 24.

Neethirajan, S. 2011. Nanotechnology for Agricultural Engineering. Department of Nanoscience, University of Guelph, Canada, Nov 2.

Neethirajan, S. 2011. Nanotechnology for Agriculture and Biosystems. Nanotechnology Network of Ontario, McMaster University, Oct 15.

Neethirajan, S. 2010. Food Applications of Nanoscale Science - Current Scenario. Commission de l'ethique de la science et de la technologie, Quebec, QC, June 17.

Neethirajan, S. 2008. Tiny Technology, Big Results: Nanotechnology for Agriculture. Crop Life Conference, Ag-Resource  - Cargill Inc, Winnipeg, MB, April 8.

Neethirajan, S. 2007. Cross Cultural Communication Skills: Leadership Development Series, International Centre for Students, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, November 9.

Neethirajan, S. 2007. Nanotechnoloy: Prospects and Impacts in Agriculture, Food and Biosystems. Agrisuccess Forum 2008 -Farm Credit Canada, Conexus Arts Centre, Regina, SK, November 6; Abbotsford, BC, November 21; Winnipeg, MB, November 23; London, ON, November 29; Red Deer, AB, December 13.

Neethirajan, S. 2007. Convergence - Big Potential: Nanotechnology for Food, Agriculture and Biosystems Industries. Winnipeg Business of Science Symposium 2007, Manitoba, MB, October 24.

Neethirajan, S. 2007. Nanotechnology for the Agricultural, Food and Biosystems Industry. Canadian Farm Business Management Council Innovation Workshop and Annual General Meeting 2007, Ottawa, ON, May 29.

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