Control and Prevention of Bio Fouling in the Food Industry Using Bionanotechnology

Cross contamination of food by pathogens via surfaces increases the risk of the propagation of infectious diseases. E.Coli and Listeria species are the predominant bacterium that causes fouling on food processing surfaces, chutes, cutting tables, tube systems, pipes and conveyor belts. The knowledge of the ability of the material surface for bacterial colonization is essential for selecting and designing surfaces for food processing. Characterization and optimization of surface pre-treatment with anti-microbial coatings will prevent the biofilm formation, and thereby will ensure food safety. Silver zeolite (SZ) acts as a smart surface coating. Upon contact with moisture, silver and highly reactive oxygen ions are released from the crystalline structure. The silver ions interact with the bacteria’s proteins and DNA. The oxygen acts as a free radical oxidizing components within the bacteria. The objectives of this project are (i) To investigate the interaction of the food pathogenic bacteria with various surfaces, and (ii) To assess the rate of antimicrobial activity of selected disinfectants against the pathogenic bacteria.

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