Post Doctoral Fellows / Research Associate

Murugan Veerapandian

Kristina Doxsee

Mohammad Jalali

Longyan Chen

Abdulmonem Murayyan


PhD Students


Sahar Hemmati - 2015

Afsaneh Najarian - 2017


Masters Students

Cynthia Maria Manohar - 2017 - Antioxidant and Antiproliferative Activity of Flavonoids from Ontario Grown Onions by Pressurized Low Polarity Water Technology (link)

Simranjit Shahni - 2017 

Adam Vogt 

Satvinder Panesar - 2016 - Ultra-Sensitive Detection of Breast Cancer Biomarkers Using Time-Resolved FRET and Quantum Dots

Nawfal Adam Mungroo - December 2015 - SERS based Point-of-care Biosensing System for Food-borne Pathogen Detection (link)

Kazi Tahsin - December 2015 - Health Monitoring and Detection of Cattle Diseases Using Wireless Biosensors in the Livestock Industry

Abu Muslim - May 2015 -  Nanite Path Planning Using Genetic Algorithm and RPF Method

Harshpreet Nanda - December 2014 - Design and Development of Wireless Sensor Network for Stored Grain Quality Monitoring

Eric Birkenhauer, December 2014 - A Multifactor Analysis of Polymicrobial Wound Pathogenic Biofilms Using Conventional Assays, Nanoscale Imaging, and a Microfluidic Platform (link)

Rekha Dhayakaran, December 2014  - Investigation of the Antimicrobial Activity of Soy based Isoflavones and Peptides against Pathogenic Biofilms (link)

Matthew DiCicco - May 2013 - Assessment of Novel Antimicrobial Therapy against Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius Biofilm with Conventional Assays and a Microfluidic Platform   (link


Undergraduate Students

2016 - Michael Lissemore, Isaac Thevathasan

2016 - Robert Hunter, Parker Bondi, Amelia French, Amit Tah, Drew Anderson, Danielle Suzuki, Lane Harper, Tanush Chadha

2015 - Gautam Gaur, Gustavo Oliveira, Jan Van Niekerk

2014 - Evan Wright, Lee Preiss, Luciana Yumiko Daikuara

2013 - Wenting Zhao, Zhao Yangguanwei, Evan Wright

2012 - Jacob Terry, Shreya Nijhawan, Alexander Griffith, Mark Fletcher, Anup Suresh, Jeremy Devine, Lesley Shea




                                                                                             Some Group Pictures

 July 4, 2016 - Canadian Society for Bioengineering 2016 Conference - World Trade Convention Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia.  L to R: Steven Panesar, Kristina Doxsee, Cynthya Manohar, Ryan Berthelot (backrow), Xuan Weng, Isaac Thevathasan (backrow), John Buozis, Michael Lissemore (backrow),  Abdulmonem Murayyan & Suresh Neethirajan


                     June 23, 2016 - Steven Panesar - Master's Post Defense Celebration at Grad Lounge Bar 

                             Left to Right:  Suresh, Steven, Kristina, Xuan, Cynthya, Ryan & Abdul 



                                May 5, 2015 - OMAF Food Safety Research Forum - Hanlon Convention Centre, Guelph

                                      Left to Right:  Jan van, Robert, Rekha, Xuan, Suresh, Mazin, Murugan, Nawfal



                                               December 19, 2014 - Christmas Lunch Party - East Side Marios, Guelph

                                                  Left to Right: Nawfal, Dr. Hayward, Rekha, Xuan, Eric and Harshpreet  

 ASABE 2014

 July 16, 2014 - Montreal - American Society for Agri-Biological Engineers and the Canadian Society for Bioengineering Joint Conference.  Left to Right: Evan, Lee, Nawfal, Eric, Suresh, Rekha, Sahar

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