Design of an Intelligent System for Drug Delivery Using Bionanorobots

Nanomedicine is the technology that uses nanoscale or nanostructured materials such as bionanorobots in medicine that according to their structure have unique medical effects. A Nanorobot is defined as any smart structure which is capable of actuation, sensing, signaling, information processing, intelligence, manipulation and swarm behaviour at the nano scale. Bio-nanorobots are nanorobots designed and inspired by harnessing properties of biological materials such as DNAs and peptides. Bionanorobots made using bio-instrumentation have several clinical advantages including targeted drug delivery, nano sized hybrid therapeutics (low dosage) and early diagnosis at cellular level. Realizing Bionanorobots for biomedical applications raises several challenges. The objective of this project is to design an intelligent system using fuzzy logic and neural networks for diagnosis and treatment of tumours in humans using bionanorobots.

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