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Bionanolab undergraduate researchers presented their research findings on August 4, 2017 at the Science Complex during the 2017 College of Engineering and Physical Science Poster Day.  Congratulations to Meghan Fragis for winning the first prize and the Best in School of Engineering Poster awards at this competition.  Along with Meghan, Connor Ormbsy, Jorge Olmos Cordero (Mitacs Globalink Student from Mexico) and Alan Wang also presented posters in this science fair showcase. Special thanks to Abdulmonem Murayyan, Rohit Chand, Satish Tuteja, Amit Tah and Xuan Weng for closely working with these outstanding undergraduate future scientists. 

Bionanolab has been winning the Best Poster Awards since 2012 at this competition.  Previous year's poster awards can be found here.


Meghan Fragis - 'Cytotoxic Activity and Anticancer Potential of Ontario Grown Onion Extracts Against Breast Cancer Cell Lines'

Jorge Olmos Cordero - 'Low Cost Paper Biosensor for Rapid Detection of Food Allergens'

Connor Ormbsy - 'BIDDS - Biomarker Infant Disease Detection from Sweat/Saliva'

Alan Wang - 'Development of Nano-Biosensor for the Rapid Detection of Johne's Disease'







On July 21, 2017 Friday - several of the bionanolab members retreated at Niagara Falls, Canada. The team enjoyed the maid of the mist boat ride followed by Lunch at Grand Buffet Fallsview Casino and Mistrider Ziplining.   Video Link 


Bohao Liao and Cecilia Bagenvik from DeLaval's Research and Innovation Department from Sweden visited the BioNanolab team on 12th July 2017 for project collaboration and discussions.  The students, postdoctoral scientists and the undergraduate student researchers gave presentations on various topics related to biosensor development to the visiting team from DeLaval.  In the afternoon, the team also visited the ELORA Dairy Research Facility and were given a tour. 





Big congratulations to John Buozis and Ryan Berthelot of the Bionanolab of the University of Guelph for winning the 1st ($300) and 2nd ($200) prizes in the Best Presentation Category at the 19th Annual Ontario Quebec Biotechnology Meeting held at Rimouski, Quebec during  May 17-18, 2017. 

John Buozis - "Electrochemical Immunosensor for Detection of Avian Influenza A Viruses Using Hybrid Nanocomposites"

Ryan Berthelot - "Harnessing Electrical Energy for Anti-Biofilm Therapies: Conductivity of Opportunistic Pathogens and the Effects of Electrical Stimulation on Cell Morphology and Motility"





The portable device could be a game changer on dairy farms  

A new animal disease-detecting device is about to undergo testing in the field. University of Guelph researchers recently received funding that will aid in the testing of their nano biosensor.

The nano biosensor is the size of a farmer’s palm, and uses a small amount of milk or blood to detect metabolic diseases, such as ketosis. The device takes less than a minute to transfer the test results to the farmer’s smartphone. 

The device will help farmers make quick diagnoses and treatment plans, according to Suresh Neethirajan, lead developer of the device and director of the University of Guelph’s BioNano Laboratory.

“The benefit of this sensor is for a farmer to test his herd on the first suspicion that something is amiss, even before there are obvious physical signs,” Neethirajan said. 

Without the device, the process to get blood tested can be costly – both in terms of time and money. Farmers can wait up to seven days to hear the results of blood tests from labs.

 “Especially in isolated areas, a lot of valuable time can go by waiting for a veterinarian and then lab results — time that can be critical,” Neethirajan said.

The device uses a sensor that can determine microscopic electrochemical activity in the blood sample. This chemical activity will indicate a metabolic disorder that can often be determined before animals show any symptoms. Farmers may use the device in an in-line robotic milking system to test the whole herd at once.

University of Guelph’s researchers plan to make the device available to operations in developing countries.  Pictures and videos from the ELORA Dairy research facility taken during the trials can be found below.   Download the video here (video 1




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