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Professor Suresh Neethirajan gave an invited speech at the 'Smart Agriculture and Canada's Poultry Sector' workshop held at October 17, 2017 at Toronto. The workshop on Smart Agriculture - Where we are and Where we need to go was organized by Canadian Poultry Research Council in collaboration with Poultry Health Research Network of the University of Guelph through the support of NSERC Connect program.

Dr. Suresh Neethirajan's talk was titled 'Biosensors for Agro-Defense (B4A): Ensuring Poultry Health and Food Safety'.

The goal of this workshop was: 

To advance Canada’s poultry sector through greater use of Smart Agriculture by:

  • Clarifying the emerging issues, challenges and opportunities for the poultry industry in Canada, and where Smart Agriculture could potentially help;
  • Identifying areas where existing Smart Agriculture tools can be applied (in part based on experiences in other sectors of agriculture) and;
  • Identifying research needs/gaps related to Smart Agriculture;

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