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Bionano lab trained high school student garners major awards in the national level science fair competition. Bionanolab of the University of Guelph has been very active in providing research internships to High School Students in South West Ontario. Last year in 2015/2016, Lucas penny – a Grimsby High School Student won several awards through research training from the bionanolab mentorship. For the current academic year 2016-2017 – Jack Mogus, a grade 11 student of Garth Webb Public School in Oakville, Ontario is the science champion.

Jack Mogus has been working on a project titled "G-Glove - An Environmentally and Cost Effective Alternative to Present Day Surgical Gloves".  Smart gloves that makes use of nanotechnology and graphene based nanomaterials was developed, and tested by Jack under the guidance of Professor Neethirajan. Infusing graphene into a guayule rubber glove enhances its puncture resistance, allowing it to be re-used and sterilized multiple times without damaging its quality, and eliminates the need to double gloves for surgical operations (reduces glove wastage).

Jack has been working in the Bionanolab under the supervision of Professor Neethirajan since September 2016 and has access to Biosafety level 2 facilities, with direct guidance from the bionano scientists. Ryan Berthelot and Syed Ahmed of the Bionano Lab have been closely working with Jack Mogus and provided training to use the various equipment for characterization, testing the graphene infused gloves for antibacterial efficacies using microbiological experiments. Jack also accessed the Scanning Electron Microscope, cultured E.Coli and Listeria samples, conducted swab tests, and tensile testing using universal testing machines.  

The 57th annual Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair awards ceremony sponsored by ArcelorMittal Dofasco was held on April 4th, 2017 - Tuesday night at Mohawk College.  Jack won numerous prizes in this competition including the Best High School Project. Jack also won the Chemical Institute of Canada award, Hamilton Academy of Dentistry Award, Yale Science & Engineering Association Award and the Gold Merit Award at this 2017 competition.

Big Congratulations to Jack! Jack will be competing in the 'Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2017 to be held at Los Angeles, California between May 14-19, 2017. Best wishes for this competition, Jack!



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