Visual Challenge Champs - Bionanolab wins ASABE awards

Congratulations to Ryan Berthelot and Abdulmonem Murayyan for winning the 2017 Visual Challenge Contest by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. The BioNano Lab team has been winning this contest for the past 6th consecutive year. With over several thousands of submissions, only a handful of few are selected for publication in the ASABE's Resource Magazine. 

Beyond the Words - Statement without Words are the themes of this Visual Challenge Contest submissions. 

FIRE Mountain - Nanoscale 3D atomic force microscopy height profile image of Listeria monocytogenes bacterial biofilms by Ryan Berthelot 

NEON Bubbles - Human colon cancer cells reacting to the isoflavones extracted from Ontario-grown onions observed using a microscopic plate reader by Abdulmonem Murayyan 

2017 - Neon Bubbles and Fire Mountain - PDF  - LINK

2016 - Nano Copper Cookies and Purple Corals -  PDF

2015 - Northern Lights - Inside, Outside and the Transition,  PDF

2013 and 2014 -Magnificent Microscopics, BioNano Robot, Crown of Thorns, Ice in Martian Crater -  PDF

2012 - Great Red Sea, 3D Grain Kernel -  PDF

2010 and 2011 - Platinum Flowers, Great Sand Dunes, Martian Craters -  PDF

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